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Billboard text incorrect position when camera moves in inertia mode.

Mateusz Spychała 3 years ago in Defect? • updated 3 years ago 0


I started billboard demo and i have problem. Text billboards are moving around the screen when I zooming or rotating camera. Problem occurs only when camera is in inertia mode after zooming wheel or releasing right mouse button.

I attached below recorded behaviour posted on YouTube.

I noticed that when you add billboards in xaml file everything is working fine, but i have to inserting text billboards dynamically in program.

Best regards,



Problem uploading the texture of some .obj files

krobot 3 years ago in Defect? 0


Thanks for great library. During several past months I was working with your library and I was able to upload different object files and corresponding textures using objreader class.

However, when I try to load any .obj from Stanford Scene Database Helix cannot show the textures.

I tried different things but yet no success. Could you please help me?



Click Event not working anymore when using Helixtoolkit.SortingVisual3D

HI_ 4 years ago in Defect? • updated 4 years ago 0

I want to add transparency to Objects (without loosing the Click-Event). Google told me to try SortingVisual3D. Without SortingVisual3D everything (except transparency) worked well, Click-Events also.Now i tried to implement it (simplified code):

Public SV3d As New HelixToolkit.Wpf.SortingVisual3DPublic 
Model3DUI As New ModelUIElement3D

'Apply geometry
    Model3DUI.Model = geometry 'skipped geometry code in this post
'Add Click Event
    AddHandler Model3DUI.MouseLeftButtonUp, AddressOf ClickEvent
'Add to SortingVisual3D
'Add to ViewPort
'Setup SortingVisual3D
    SV3d.SortingFrequency = 2
    SV3d.Method = HelixToolkit.Wpf.SortingMethod.BoundingBoxCorners
    SV3d.IsSorting = True
Basically it works fine, everything renders as it should and transparency is working too. But for some reason now the Click Event doesn't work. Anybody has an idea what i'm doing wrong?

I'm not very experienced with Helixtoolkit, so it could be that my way is completely wrong.

Under review

manipulator disable/enable

jason-he 4 years ago in Defect? • updated by Øystein Bjørke 4 years ago 1
Helix toolkit looks so great, I am trying to use it for my work assignment.

Helix toolkit WFP shows some examples. One of them is ManipulatorDemo. Displaying the rotators and translators are useful for a user. But I want some flexibility for a user to disable/enable them, so I added a name to cube1's CombinedManipulator, called Cube1Rotator, also added a double-click event to ht:HelixViewport3D (called ManipulatorViewport3D) to allow a user to toggle CanRotateY, CanRotateX, CanRotateZ. Here is the double-click event,

ManipulatorViewport3D_MouseDoubleClick(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
Cube1Rotator.CanRotateX = !Cube1Rotator.CanRotateX;
Cube1Rotator.CanRotateY = !Cube1Rotator.CanRotateY;
Cube1Rotator.CanRotateZ = !Cube1Rotator.CanRotateZ;

When I tested it, the rotators were displayed or hidden correctly. However, once double-clicking the mouse, I couldn't rotate or translate the cube1 anymore, even they were displayed.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

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