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How to store 3d models aspecially STL files in database?

Ardahan 3 years ago in Question • updated 3 years ago 5

I'am reading an STL file in my WPF c# application. I want to store it to database. All database connections are done but I don't know how to store 3d model in database. What kind of converting needed for this purpose? And later similarly I want to get that information from database to turn it 3d models.Is there any basic function for STL converting to binaries then merging it again?

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facematerial manipulator in code

Solutionideas mod 3 years ago in Question 0

FaceMaterial default's color is blue , I need to change facematerial color by C#

I coding...

main.FaceMaterial = Materials.Red

and try to set transparent

main.FaceMaterial = nothing

it's not happen anything. 'main' it still 'Blue'

Please help. How can I change this property?

and Thanks to all answer and suggestion.

WPF Media3D

Camera LookDirection Automatically

Ardahan 3 years ago in Question • updated by anonymous 1 year ago 2

I adding to my viewport3d a model (STL file) using ModelImport function but first nothing show up. To see added 3DModel I have to do zoom out. My question is, are there any way to do dynamically/programmatically zoom out or rotate camera to the newly added model or anything needed to show it immediately.

I am using C# WPF.


How to change default world coordinates

Michael Powell 4 years ago in Question • updated 4 years ago 1
There's probably a simple way to do this, but how do I change the world coordinates? That is, when a default HelixViewport3D appears, and I include the gridlines, I want to extend this plane from its defaults.

How to read facets one by one from already loaded STL file?

Ardahan 3 years ago in Question 0

I am loading STL file into viewport and then I want to read each facet in that model. In helixtoolkit STLReader class it is done from reading stream, but this methods is private so I can't call it in my program. Is there any public method for reading facets or should I override this existing methods?


Finding intersection point between a PipeVisual3D and ModelVisual3D

Nit29 3 years ago in Question • updated 3 years ago 1
Is there a way to find the intersection point of a pipevisual3d and a modelvisual3d element?
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3D Surface with Pointcloud

Misunderstood 3 years ago in Question • updated 3 years ago 2

thanks for that great toolkit! Really like to work with it. Actually i am searching for a way to calculate a 3D surface out of a pointcloud. How am i able to do that? I allready got the points in a list (
The result should be a rectangle with drillholes.

I appreciate any kind of help.

How to change the view to a standard-view in code?

Mehdi Rafeie 3 years ago in Question • updated 3 years ago 2

Hello there,

Thank you for your nice toolkit. I would like to know how to change the camera view to a standard view, such as top view, in code? Simply, I need a piece of code to do exactly what is happening by clicking on a side of the ViewCube.


Earth Scale

Integratron 3 years ago in Question 0

Hi, I'm trying to create an environment on the scale of earth, i.e. the main object is a map of earth and is 40,000,000 units wide, and I have actual scale buildings only 100 units long. It actually seems to work mostly ok but when I zoom in on the buildings, I get odd clipping effects that appear and disappear while I'm panning or orbiting around the buildings. Any ideas on how best to make this display reliably?


How to overlay image on wire frame model in Helix SharpDX version

vsharu 3 years ago in Question 0

Hi , i want to overlay image while model in wireframe mode.

please help me to do how to do that

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