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Show wireframe as quads with Helix and SharpDX

Raul Burgos 3 years ago in Question • updated by Saeed Khatri 15 hours ago 22
Is it possible to get this effect ( Connected Mesh to QuadFaces ) in the viewportDX when a .OBJ model is readed on it?.
I'm using HelixToolkit.Wpf.SharpDX.
Somebody can post a example?
Thanks in advance.


plane and 3d model intersection

Armaghan 2 months ago in Question 0

hello. how can I cut a 3D model using a plane in helix ?


Using FbxSharp for FBX imports?

enjlectric 2 months ago in Question 0


for a project of mine it would be convenient if I could find a way t o import FBX files into the Wpf.SharpDX version of the toolkit.

I have found this FBX Parser for C# and am currently trying to read my way into that, but as I am doing so I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the same, or if this can even possibly yield any good results. I've only started using Helix earlier this week so I'm not exactly an expert, so there may aswell be a logical impossibility when trying to convert a model from the FBX scene class to the Object3D class. If that's the case, I would like to know where these problems lie, out of curiousity.

Thank you for reading.


Show axis scale

Artem Artem 3 months ago in Question • updated 3 months ago 0


I'm just stuck.

I've starte research Helix-tookit. I very like, but I have some troubles.

 I want to display axis scale(perfectly it's display real numbers corresponding to grid node)

Markup looks like


<Window x:Class="UpDirectionDemo.MainWindow" 
 xmlns:x="" xmlns:h="clr-namespace:HelixToolkit.Wpf;assembly=HelixToolkit.Wpf" Title="UpDirectionDemo" Height="480" Width="640" xmlns:local="clr-namespace:UpDirectionDemo" > 
 <TextBlock DockPanel.Dock="Top" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Text="HelixViewport3D.ModelUpDirection = 0,1,0" Padding="8" Foreground="Black"/> 
 <h:HelixViewport3D x:Name="view1" CameraRotationMode="Turntable" ModelUpDirection="0,1,0" ShowCoordinateSystem="True" > 
 <PerspectiveCamera Position="5, 30, 40" LookDirection="-5, -30, -40" FieldOfView="45" UpDirection="0,1,0"/> 
 <h:CoordinateSystemVisual3D ArrowLengths="10" /> 
 <h:BillboardTextVisual3D Position="12 0 0" FontSize="24" Text="X" /> 
 <h:BillboardTextVisual3D Position="0 12 0" FontSize="24" Text="Y" /> 
 <h:BillboardTextVisual3D Position="0 0 12" FontSize="24" Text="Z" /> 
 <h:GridLinesVisual3D Normal="0,1,0" LengthDirection="1,0,0"/> 


I cant find this params. I've just only found ThetaDiv in ArrowVisual3D class. 

Is any way to display to display what I want? Thearetically I can create my own class MyArrowVisual3D(extends from ArrowVisual3D ) and create method for display it, but it to complex, I guess.



Trouble rotating the 3D object in WPF

JMaroun 6 months ago in Question 0


I have been experiencing trouble when I try to rotate the 3D object that I have loaded into my main window by X, Y and Z coordinates and I was wondering if I could see an example project where this is fully implemented. Basically I want to be able to feed a degree in and be able to rotate the model by that degree in the specified axis. The model behaves very weirdly when I try to do this so any code that has this functionality would be of much help. 




hierarchical 3D model via Visual3D and AddVisual3DChild -> only root is rendered...

LuNo 8 months ago in Question • updated 8 months ago 1


I am relatively new to the HelixToolkit and I have a (probably simple) question: I want to build a scene out of several .stl files and I aim to employ parent/children relations in order to apply transforms to the whole hierarchy "automatically".
I created the following class to represent a mechanical axis (imagine a robot arm with a few scene graph nodes), but when I build up the data structure, only the root is rendered. The strange thing is: The Visual3D objects cannot be added to the Viewport3D once they have been set as a child somewhere else (e.g. after I added the Visual3D children to the parents, this is expected behaviour afaik). But these children are not rendered (except the root). I do assume I am missing some event or notification I should trigger? I browsed through most of the examples, usually a Model3D is built on the fly if an aggragation of meshes is needed. I would be grateful for any hints in this matter.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

using System.Windows;
using System.Windows.Media.Media3D;
using PropertyTools.DataAnnotations;
using BrowsableAttribute = System.ComponentModel.BrowsableAttribute;

using HelixToolkit.Wpf;

namespace Vizualizer_WPF
    //class MachineAxis3D : UIElement3D
    class MachineAxis3D: ModelVisual3D
        public static DependencyProperty RotationAngleProperty = DependencyPropertyEx.Register<double, MachineAxis3D>("RotationAngle", 0, (s, e) => s.AppearanceChanged());
        public static readonly DependencyProperty PrincipalDirectionProperty = DependencyPropertyEx.Register<Vector3D, MachineAxis3D>("PrincipalDirection", new Vector3D(1, 0, 0), (s, e) => s.AppearanceChanged());

        public MachineAxis3D()


        [Slidable(0, 360)]
        public double RotationAngle
                return (double)this.GetValue(RotationAngleProperty);

                this.SetValue(RotationAngleProperty, value);

        public Vector3D PrincipalDirection
                return (Vector3D)this.GetValue(PrincipalDirectionProperty);

                this.SetValue(PrincipalDirectionProperty, value);

        public int ChildrenCount()
            return this.Visual3DChildrenCount;

        public void AddChild(Visual3D visual3D, Model3D model3D)
            Model3DGroup newGroup = new Model3DGroup();
            Content = newGroup;

        // handles the rotation of the axis
        private void AppearanceChanged()
            var tg = new Transform3DGroup();
            tg.Children.Add(new RotateTransform3D(new AxisAngleRotation3D(PrincipalDirection, RotationAngle)));
            Transform = tg;

Media3D WPF

HelixToolkit.SharpDX - Transparent billboard

Isdas 9 months ago in Question 0


Great work on the new version of HelixToolkit! Really impressed by the work done!

A small question: When I set the transparency of a billboard to Color.Transparent the billboard gets transparent (great). One small problem I have right now: other billboards that are behind this billboard gets cut. Is there any way of solving this problem?


Best regards



Interaction of mouse with 3D *.obj file

svensven934 10 months ago in Question • updated by anonymous 8 months ago 3

Hi all,

I have imported a car as *.stl file. I want to add some "devices" onto it for visualization.So When I perform a right click on the Car, at this position a Sphere should come up. I want to do a doubleclick on that sphere, and enter something like name, filepath for a text file and so on.

Also I want to ensure, that the user can not add multiple spheres over each other on the same position.

It tried to cath this situation with the following:

if (!CreatedDevices.Any(t => Math.Abs(t.Center.X) + 300 > mousePos.X))

So the mousePos is the position of my mouse and the CreatedDevices is a list of spheres with their properties like center and radius etc..

However, I am not able to doubleclick on a sphere and do something, and in addition to that the mouse position.x is sometimes -83 and the sphere position.x is 1200. I think it has something to do with the Coodinate system of my obj file and that my mouse is not in the same coordinate system. is this possible? I attached my whole project - I need some urgent help because I have no clue how to go on from here... thanks a lot!My project should be attached.


Silhouette edge shader

templar_vii 11 months ago in Question • updated by authenticvibes 8 months ago 2

Does anybody see a possibility to create a silhouette or edge shader to highlight edges?

Could I write it by my own, or does helix toolkit already provide something like this?


3D visualization from the kinect feed

ishkavi 1 year ago in Question 0

I need to visualize the feed from Kinect in 3D. Is there an open source project using Helix Toolkit for this? The HelixToolkit.Kinect.sln project gives an error when building it saying that it's output is a class object even after changing it and assigning a startup object in project settings? 

Media3D WPF