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How to Set up Wi-Fi on your Laptop

Kevin Tenesy 3 years ago in Information 0

You can actually install a Wi-Fi router in a really simple way. It is quite easy to use the Wi-Fi internet connection if the PC had a Wi-Fi network card. If you want to set up a wireless router, it is best to stick to the directions given by the router producer. The particular recommendations would be supplied in printed format and a compact disc. You can also download a software program that may help you setup the router accurately.

Hardware requirements

The following components is vital before starting installing the wireless router. This includes a Wi-Fi router, a network cable connection and a Wi-Fi network card.

Choice of wireless router

Depending on the quick technology development, you must use a wireless router which you can use for the following few years. If you will use it with a PC, the router’s compatibility together with the OS ought to be verified.

Many other things that you need to examine contain performance and technologies, warranty information, value, product reviews and customer comments. If there are any disadvantages with the wireless router, they can be traced easily with customer testimonials. It’s also best to look into the customer care and determine which wireless router to pick out.

Installing the router on your own

Typically the wireless router must be connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable connection to be able to do it without a support application.

  • The wireless router has to be connected to the power supply. When you wait for a minute or so, the router will be 100 % working.
  • Make use of Ethernet cable connection to plug the router and the personal computer.
  • To be able to login to the wireless router, you need to use your own browser. When you start the internet browser, write the default router Internet protocol address in the URL bar. To get the wireless router IP, make sure to verify the customer guide book or the label placed directly under the wireless router. In most of the occasions, the wireless router IP address will be or Don’t use this ip address 192.168.0.l or 192.168.l.0.
  • You need to enter in the computer network password to install the network group with which you’ll be able to access the network system. Normally, wireless router companies set up the router to implement the phrase “admin” being a default login. The default password can be either ‘admin’ or ‘password’. You can find the info in the manual.
  • In case you have completed all the things correctly you’ll connect to the router admin page. You can actually customize the network name there. The encryption can also be modified if needed. It is strongly advised to pick WPA2 file encryption.
  • You may use a password to get into the network system to ensure that unauthorized entry can be stopped. The password has to be safe enough so it may not be cracked without difficulty. Be sure that the password consists of special characters and also numerals, not only on letters.
  • You need to modify the administrator password of the router to ensure that other people will be unable to access your current wireless router settings.
  • At this point, you may disconnect the laptop and the wireless router may be used wirelessly with virtually no issues.

  • Running a software to set up the wireless router

    The wireless router has to be disconnected from computer, source of energy and modem.

    The disc has to be placed in the Personal computer. You should definitely take advantage of the latest type of the program. When the installation application is out-of-date, you may obtain it from the manufacturer site right away. Installing the wireless router with a software is really simple. The directions given on the screen must be put into practice.

    We recommend attaching the wireless router and Personal computer with an Ethernet cable. Typically the Wi-Fi capabilities of the router will become obtainable once you create a network name and security password.

    Sharing the internet internet connection

    After you end setting up your router, you can share your internet connection with some other users.

    If you use a Wi-Fi connection, the primary laptop or computer doesn’t have to be on for downloading and sharing. However, you can actually switch off the initial laptop or computer as soon as you go for Wi-Fi internet connection.

    Whilst setting up the wireless router, you should not compromise on security problems. If you want to secure your individual information, it is advised to stay away from joining to unknown wireless systems.



    How to Choose Headphones: 8 Steps

    Dave Cox 3 years ago in Information 0

    If you are into listening to music, you will be amazed with the difference when you replace your old headphones with a newer model. In the following article we are going to try to help you choose the best headphones for you.

    The number of headphones on the market today is growing day-by-day. And by this we don’t only mean the number of them, but the type of headphones, brands, models and so on. While some of them are excellent for listening to music at the comfort of your home, others are ideal for people who are always on the go.

    The headphone manufacturers try to add more and more feature just to stay on top of the market. Therefore today we can choose noise cancellation headphones, wireless ones, those which can be controlled remotely and so on.

    The sound on most of the headphones is excellent, they are comfortable and you can have them on for quite long. So, let’s see what are the key factors of buying the best headphones.

    What How to know you are looking at a good set of headphones?

    There are various models of headphones, different in shape, size and even materials, not to mention their price. Although in most cases the price is closely connected with quality, this is not always the case with headphones. Actually, we shouldn’t concentrate on the price only, but take closer look at the quality of sound and comfort.

    • Sound quality: When you buy the best headphones you will notice that the sound is balanced in all frequencies. Maybe the in-ear headphones have problems with basses, but over-ear headphones will perform better in this case.If we compare open-back headphones with closed ones we can say that the first type sounds more natural. However, they normally leak unwanted noise. Closed headphones don’t let unwanted noise in, but sound a little soft.
    • Comfort: This is the most important thing you should consider when buying a good pair of headphones. Although some are more comfortable than others, we can say that generally on-ear and over-ear models are considered to be the most comfortable of all. So, if you plan to use them for e longer period of time at once, it is a good place to start when you are choosing which ones to buy.

    What type of headphones is best for you?

    When we talk about headphones we can divide them in four main groups:

    • earbuds
    • in-ear
    • on-ear
    • over-ear

    There are many actors which will tell you to choose this type over that one, so let’s take a closer look at them.


    These are smaller in size and most often cheaper than the other models, so they often come together with smartphones and MP3 players.You place them inside your ear, and they don’t close the ear completely so you can definitely expect to feel some noise leakage or they may fit too loose. Although practical, the sound quality is the worst when compared to the other types of headphones.

    In-ear headphones

    This type of headphones is most frequently used. They are not heavy, and are more affordable than on-ear and over-ear headphones. You can place them in the ear tightly and the noise leakage is minimal. Although the sound quality is better than in earbuds, it is not so good as in over-ear and on-ear ones.

    On-ear headphones

    When we compare this model to the over-ear headphones, they are smaller and lighter. They are generally comfortable because of the foam pads or the letter ones. There are some types of on-ear headphones that you can fold which makes them portable in a minute.

    Over-ear headphones

    These headphones are larger ones and they cover the while ear. Their cushioned pads make them the most comfortable of all previously mentioned models. You can easily wear them for a longer period of time and the sound quality is great. They are not portable, so it is recommended to use them at home.

    How much should you spend?

    When it comes to money, you can buy headphones for like $10. However, don’t expect to be amazed with the quality. The price of the headphones dictates the quality of materials used to make them, but generally they tend to last more and have better sound quality. Of course, there is no need to go after the most expensive ones, so let’s say that you can easily buy according to this site the best headphones under 100.



    The PROPER way to fix msvcr100.dll

    Dave Cox 3 years ago in Information • updated by Jack Adision 2 years ago 1

    In order to operate properly, software programs and apps demand additional files to be on the computer. Such computer files are known as DLL files. MSVCR100.DLL is a computer file which is essential to apps which were designed with VC The MSVCR100.DLL error could show up on your computer’s desktop when you install or work with a particular program, or over the installation of Windows.

    Normally, grabbing the DLL computer file from a trustworthy provider and copying the file in the Windows System folder will correct the error. You may also attempt to copy it inside the folder of the application or game associated with the problem.

    Reasons for the Msvcr100.dll Faults

    Normally, Msvcr100.dll errors are due to a number of common instances that cause the removing or data corruption of the Msvcr100.dll file.

    Normally, Msvcr100.dll issues might indicate a windows registry problem, a adware or a virus issue or sometimes a computer hardware breakdown problem.

    Ways to repair the MSVCR100.DLL error yourself?

    One of the first move to make once you have complications with the MSVCR100.DLL data file will be to examine whether you’re utilizing a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.

  • If you work with Microsoft Windows Xp, just click the Start menu and after that Run. From then on enter winver plus hit the Enter button.
  • In Windows 7, go to your Start Menu and type Computer into the search box. Right-click on it and select Properties. At this point look precisely what it shows under Windows Edition.
  • Windows 8 directions are just like Windows 7, but you will stay in the Start Screen instead of small menu.
  • Additionally, you should download the correct sort of Visual C Software package.

  • Since this software is totally free via Microsoft so there is no reason to risk getting the download through a 3rd party.
  • After you go to the Microsoft’s website search for Microsoft Visual C 2010 Redistributable Package. You’re going to get the list of on-line editions.
  • It’s usually safer to obtain the latest edition of this particular software package.
  • If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, then you should choose a version which has this included – x86. x64 would be the ideal option for all those using a 64-bit Windows version.
  • The VC Pack must begin downloading soon enough.
  • Install the software and keep to the prompts to include this particular collection to your own PC system.
  • Now Reboot your computer, if you have not done this already, and try your software program all over again. Your issue message really should be away.
  • Resolving the MSVCR100.DLL error is very easy when you follow the simple steps we have just mentioned. We’re happy if we made it easier you fix the MSVCR100.DLL problem effectively. In most cases, if you deal with equivalent issue in the future, the steps previously mentioned will allow you to solve the problem.



    How to Find the IP Address of your Router on Windows or Mac

    Dave Cox 3 years ago in Information 0

    Wireless router is a crucial computer networking tool which helps in connecting to World-wide-web. There are many kinds of router available by various internet carrier’s networks. The router is there to help you connect with a number of networks. The primary role of the router is to redirect traffic from the source to the destination. The wireless router is there to send and receive data packets through the network system.

    What sorts of routers exist?

    The sorts of wireless routers on the market depend primarily on the fact whether or not you make use of them at your own home or at work. They are generally used to allow us surf the World-wide-web or browse data files between the many devices that happen to be in the same network. One of the most common illustration used in networking system are DSL wireless routers which assists to in joining the pc. The most effective form of computer network which help us connect with the World wide web are those hooking up over high-speed optical fiber lines There are many software and hardware structured routers.

    Things to know regarding wireless router connection.

    Routers get connected to completely different devices connected in computer network and the data is mainly exchanged using a process known as dynamic routing protocol. Through the help of various interfaces we are able to set up any router we want. The various tactics include using a communication process that contains a firmware and also concentrates on granting the transmission of data packages from one place to another.

    Step-by-step guide concerning how to find the router IP address

    As we know that by default, IP is the default IP address of any wireless router but the specification may differ. If you’d like to gain access to the wireless router configuration settings page it is vital to find the wireless router default IP address. Once you learn how you can make this happen you will be able to gain access to your router. By using this default IP, you will be able to gain access to the web page online by opening up the URL IP. The default IP of your router is the same as the Default Gateway of your Ethernet adaptor. The appropriate type of IP address needs to be set up if you wish to access the World-wide-web. Before you begin configuring your router you should ensure that the wireless router and the Laptop or computer are linked with the Ethernet cable. Usually Ethernet connection is actually maintained.

    Find The default IP using the Control Panel

    The fastest methods to get the default ip address of your wireless router is to check the network connectivity. Below are some of the simplest ways to find IP address of your wireless router.

    Click on the Network and Sharing Center.

    Within the connections options, you must look at the “Wireless Network Connection”. When you right-click the above option, it will be easy to view another window.- Wireless Network Connection Status.

    In this particular window you will see the Connection status. There you have to click on “Details”.

    Once you just click Details, it will be easy to look at the IPv4 IP address Status. Generally you will find that the IP address is listed as a Default

    Gateway.How to use the Command Prompt to discover the wireless router default IP address

    First thing you need to do is press Windows button and next press “cmd” command on prompt.

    Then, write the IPCONFIG command line. As you write the command line hit the Enter key on your computer keyboard.

    The default router IP shall be outlined as a Default Gateway.

    Checking the default IP address of your router is just about the most effective ways to do. Even so, you must take care of some things whenever you do that.

    Several words at the end

    Wireless routers are probably the best products that help in linking to world-wide-web. There are several procedures in which you can tweak a router. There are various wireless routers available today, and the settings mainly depends on the manufacturer and type. In this post we have pointed out two of the simplest ways to find your wireless router IP.



    Vertex Buffer Optimization

    Przemko 3 years ago in Information 0

    I looking for option in engine, to turn on Vertex Buffer optimization, or any other optimization.
    When i was writing my own engine on SharpDX, I have got 20ms per render on 20,000,000 points and 60,000,000 triangles objects. But with HelixToolkit.SharpDX.WPF I even cant render 2,000,000 points because its laggig to much.


    EllipsoidVisual3D problems

    Frank 3 years ago in Information • updated 3 years ago 7

    I am rendering a point cloud in WPF using PointsVisual3D and Point3DCollection. This all works well, and I now want to put a set of 3 principal plane-oriented 3D ellipses into the view as a set of reference circles. I am currently using 3 EllipsoidVisual3D objects with two of the radii set to 1 and the third set to zero to accomplish this, but I have a couple of problems

    • I can't seem to change the fill color. I have tried using the material and/or Fill properties for this, but nothing seems to affect the default (black) color
    • I would really like to have these objects be rings instead of disks, so they obscure as few data points as possible, but I can't figure out how to do this, either :-(

    Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.



    Media3D SharpDX WPF

    Moving project to GitHub

    Anonymous 5 years ago in Information • updated by Øystein Bjørke 5 years ago 1
    This discussion was imported from CodePlex

    objo wrote at 2014-08-26 11:24:

    I would like to move this project to GitHub.
    • better issue tracker
    • better handling of pull requests
    • github pages
    • integration with appveyor

    Rogad wrote at 2014-08-26 17:45:

    Would you be able to keep the topics here ? It's just I have some bookmarked for reference...

    BogusException wrote at 2014-08-26 19:39:


    Github is SCM, like Subversion... :)

    Go check the site out...

    Rogad wrote at 2014-08-26 20:44:

    Yeah I now Github, I just was worried all the discussions will be lost...

    objo wrote at 2014-08-27 08:37:

    I think Stack Overflow can be used for questions on how to use the library:
    The GitHub issues section can be used for discussions regarding bugs and new features.

    objo wrote at 2014-08-27 09:35:

    The source repository and open issues have been moved

    BogusException wrote at 2014-08-27 21:53:

    Oh. my... That is going in hook. line & sinker...

    objo wrote at 2014-08-27 23:38:

    Yee-haw, here we go! :-)
    The worst is that I am planning to do this with all the CodePlex projects I am coordinating...
    I have been a happy resident at CodePlex for a while now, but suddenly I figured out that GitHub gives the project a lot of new possibilities...
    My only concern is the discussion forum and all the unanswered threads here... But they should still be reachable from the search engines....

    BogusException wrote at 2014-08-28 18:04:

    I'll bet if you ask, they've probably had someone write a perl script or some such to migrate message archives from places like CodePlex... If they have an API they can share, then it would not be hard to create one...

    I'd be really surprised if it hadn't been done already...

    I just hope the text editor is better than CodePlex's... That was an area they never fixed... :(

    objo wrote at 2014-09-01 07:42:

    Yes, it is possible to migrate the messages to a new forum, but I think Stack Overflow is a good alternative since it is already used for Helix Toolkit questions.
    I am concerned about distributing the project over too many sites. You see the list at the bottom of the readme file is already quite long...

    Need advice to apply dash style to screenspace visual3D's

    Ashit 4 years ago in Information 0

    I want to apply dash styles to screenspace visual3D

    WPF Media3D

    Draw to texture

    Hello everyone.

    Basic WPF 3D allows to draw to texture in runtime, using RenderTargetBitmap in material. So, drawing in this bitmap instantly affects on mesh texture.
    In Helix Toolkit the visible texture changes only after re-attaching model, or using AttachMaterial() in MaterialGeometryModel3D. But these actions finally use something like this "...DiffuseMap.ToByteArray()", and it totally wastes speed of execution;

    Is there some way to overcome this and/or bind Bitmap (or it's pure byte[]) to DiffuseMap?
    Or Helix Toolkit have fast method to chenge texture?
    SharpDX WPF

    Roll of 3D Technology in Fabric Design & Fashion Industry

    [TC]² Labs 2 years ago in Information 0

    Technology has always driven the development of human society in
    countless ways. From the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter to
    high-end robotics, technology is arguably an indispensable and highly
    useful instrument in the modern times. This world is completely
    technology-driven, technocrats introduces new and more effective
    technologies each and every day. From 3D body visualizer to robotics, there are plethora of marbles in the technology that are making effective changes.

    Clothing has always been a necessity in respect of human civilization
    and a way of boasting ones culture, interests and fashion quotient.
    Clothing has always been a great and impactful factor in human life. Now
    with the support of technology, an array of different styles of
    clothing is possible. There are powerful technological tools that
    support and help implementing the creative ideas of fabric designers.

    The most important factor in fabric designing is fitting, the better the
    fitting the better apparel will look. It has long been a problem for
    fabric designers and clothing manufacturers to produce the clothing that
    is perfect in terms of fitting. To err is human, and measurements and
    cutting by human hands cannot be trusted completely. Especially in these
    times where people what their dressing to be perfect and nothing less,
    fitting and designing of fabrics becomes very important.

    Now, how does technology helps in the clothing industry? Answer is 3D
    visualizers. 3D scanning is the latest technology that helps in taking
    the 3D Body Measurement of
    human body, and this technology can provide designers with the most
    precise and perfect manner. Manufactures and designers can buy these 3D
    machines and this will be a great add on to their business. Suppose as a
    designer and manufacturer you could know the perfect measurements and
    body shapes, your work would be of highest quality, especially when you
    are a big brand of high profile fabric designer.

    It isn’t hard to find a perfect device that can compliment your work, as
    there are several companies providing 3D scanners. One such company is
    [TC]2, it is customer’s first choice for buying advanced 3D
    body measurement system. 3D body scanners provided by this company carry
    exceptional features. These 3D measurement devices can effectively
    increase the sale of your company.

    About [TC]2:

    [TC]2 is a leading 3D Body Scanner
    manufacturer company, offering top of the line service. This company
    also provides pattern grading software, which is a great help in
    creating designs with utmost perfection.

    To know more about [TC]2, please log on to