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WPF: After deploy strange camera position and Zoom don't work

Anonymous 4 years ago 0
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xpix wrote at 2014-03-11 16:08:


i have some problem with a deployed application. Here my XAML for helix3d toolkit:
            <helix:HelixViewport3D x:Name="viewport" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="3" Margin="5,0,0,0">
                    <PerspectiveCamera x:Name="camera" 
                <helix:ArrowVisual3D Point1="0,0,0" Point2="10 0 0" Fill="Red" Diameter="0.5" />
                <helix:ArrowVisual3D Point1="0,0,0" Point2="0 10 0" Fill="Green" Diameter="0.5"/>
                <helix:ArrowVisual3D Point1="0,0,0" Point2="0 0 10" Fill="Blue" Diameter="0.5"/>
                <helix:PipeVisual3D x:Name="Tool3D" Diameter="1" Point1="0,0,0" Point2="0,0,5" Visible="False" >
                        <SolidColorBrush Color="#FFFF8B00" Opacity="0.5"/>
                <helix:GridLinesVisual3D Thickness="0.1" Center="0,0,0" Fill="#FFDADADA" Width="1000" Length="1000" />
The Application works perfect in VS 2013, the camera position is on top and scroll whel work. But if i deploy/publish this application and open it from published directory then the camerposition are strange (close to null and a perspective view) and the zoom function with the mouse scroll wheel don't work.

It's a bug or Feature? May i can make a video to demonstrate this effect?

Roll of 3D Technology in Fabric Design & Fashion Industry

[TC]² Labs 1 year ago in Information 0

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Tubidy Mobile Music Seech Engine System

tubidy30 1 year ago in New feature • updated by unitedsoftwareconsultants 3 months ago 2

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What are the Best Types of Charging Electronics?

Ryan Oslov 2 years ago in Question • updated by Emolic Jhonny 4 months ago 2

Why are Charging Electronics so Important?

Charging has become something that almost all of us do and the reason being is that we have lots of devices that require charging. Many of us use smartphones, tablets, and laptops every day and that means we have to make sure that we’re using the correct charging electronic to charge them. With that said, as important as charging has become, the main problem right now is that we don’t really have an idea about what charging electronics on the market are best to use. Since charging is something that has become so normal, we don’t look past what we already use.

That is why it’s important to know what other charging options are available is because there are many other innovations than just the traditionally used USB wall chargers.

What are the Types of Charging Electronics and their Uses?

  1. Power banks are one of the fastest growing charging electronics on the market and the main reason for that is because they’re portable chargers. For the most part, many of us use USB wall chargers and as powerful as those are, in the end, we have to stay stationary to charge our devices while we charge. This can be a problem if we have places to be and things to do. One of the best things about power banks is how their popularity is growing and there are quite a lot of different types of power banks that are now on the market. The two main types are power banks that have low power capacities and ones that have high power capacities. The most used ones are ones that have low power capacities and that’s because they have smaller sizes and lighter weights; so they’re able to fit into your pocket. Then there are power banks that have higher power capacities and those are heavier ones. They have lots of power and more charging ports.
  2. The next most useful charging electronic are Surge Protectors that use USB charging ports. The reason behind that is because most of us use USB wall chargers with our Surge Protectors and that can be a problem. As some USB wall charger cover surrounding AC Outlets on these Surge Protectors and the fact that you’re using an AC Outlet dedicated to just a USB charger. Instead, according to there are now Surge Protectors that use USB ports directly on them and that means you longer have to use a USB wall charger with the Surge Protectors since it’s already built-in. These type of Surge Protectors have multiple charging ports and they also make use of special charging tech like Quick Change to charge those compatible smartphones at their max charging speeds.
  3. One of the most reliable sources of power is the sun and in this case, Solar chargers are able to make use of the sun quite well. That’s because Solar chargers have multiple large solar panels that are able to capture lots of Solar rays at once and that means you can make the most out of the charging experience. Solar chargers are also quite portable because they have lanyard holes that are able to connect to a backpack, have the Solar panels facing out and capture as much as the sun as possible while you’re on the move.



Router Problems and How To Solve It

Robert 2 years ago in Information 0

Normally internet is very important to access various applications and services to access. The computer is common device that is pretty essential to access internet with effective speed. The router is another fundamental home network device that is very useful to share internet for multiple devices such as computers, and mobile phones. The ip address is a common identity factor and every system and router has an ip address to allow internet signals. The internet security should be protected otherwise hackers easily hack important and secret informations. The router device need to be password protected otherwise unauthorized people can access resource of internet. The router users have to access router interface to make a strong password settings. The default gateway ip address of router must be a private ip address because routers settings only used for local network settings. The ip address is one of the general private ip addresses and many router manufacturers are using this particular ip address. The router may get some problem while using but users must know how to resolve those problems.

The Common Router Problems

Today most of small scale companies and people are using router to access decent speed internet services. The router is pretty helpful to access internet within a particular range limit. The users should not forget default ip address of device to avoid complications in accessing settings. The users should connect a modem with router to make an effective connection establishment. There are many router problems highly affects device and internet connection so they have to fix those issues.

These problems are common router issues. Router interface issue is a most common issue that can be solved by various techniques. The users can’t get users interface of router by several reasons. They have to feed ip address and if any spelling mistakes then user can’t access router interface. The users should use faster web browser to access router interface and bad and slow web browsers may be reason for can’t access router interface. However users should check the router and computer connection establishment to avoid significant accessing problems. The users should unplug the modem during the access of router interface for safety precautions. The router setting can’t access problems also caused by no internet connection issue, computer firewall blocking issues and password loss and password changed problems.


keyboard commands

PUPPICAD 2 years ago in Question 0

I added some commands that use the CTRL key modifier to my application. I want to use CTRL+C for copy selection but it only works if SHIFT key is pressed too.

Every other key command I implemented works even when SHIFT is not pressed.


Model tree as in PDF 3D

Pawel 2 years ago in Question 0

Is this possible to achieve model tree functionality similar as in PDF 3D? If yes what file format shoud I use? Many thanks


helix tookit to build data transfer app?

Quiruio 2 years ago • updated by ParkPrince 2 years ago 5

i just have a ideal to build a data transfer app. Does helix toolkit offer such an library?


How do you limit camera zoom

Anonymous 4 years ago 0
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JohnSourcer wrote at 2013-02-05 18:29:

I can zoom in but want to limit the zoom?

objo wrote at 2013-02-07 20:22:

Currently there is no limit. In the "Inspect" mode, the length of the LookDirection is reduced while keeping the CameraPosition+LookDirection point fixed.
I will add this as a new feature in the issue tracker!

Moez_rebai wrote at 2014-07-17 11:04:

Hey Objo,
Please if you add that feature to limite the camera zoom tell me how to implement it.

BogusException wrote at 2014-07-17 22:47:

If the property is inspectable, a mouse wheel event, or CTRL+, CTRL- event, could be used to limit a requested change...