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Tubidy Video Music Search Engine

tubidyc 4 years ago in New feature updated by anonymous 8 months ago 4

Tubidy is a website which you actually meant for mobile phones, where you can play music, watch videos and do other similar tasks for free. You can even listen to Tubidy music and Tubidy video with the help of Tubidy free website. The website is worth visiting, if you are having an efficient mobile device. Once you visit the website you can see the power of Tubidy technology for your complete entertainment. The website is actually free to use, but you can see ads, which is one of the ways to gather revenue for the website. Thus open and enjoy the website.

Tubidy is a mobile video search engine which makes it easy to search for your favorite tubidy mp3, tubidy clips, movies, cartoons and many more. Disover upcoming cartoons, play mobile videos for free wherever you are, whenever you want. Download new and trending tubidy mp3 songs, search directly for tracks, artists and albums. Find new movies now playing in theaters, get movie times, watch trailers, browse tubidy videos and the hottest TV shows online.

3GP This video file type is made specifically with 3G smartphones in mind so that playback is the best it can possibly be. It also works on most 2G and 4G phones as well. The 3GP file type is available in either HD or Regular quality. Users can also choose to divide the file anywhere from 2-4 parts by choosing the 3GP Regular Parts options, or they can download 10 second previews in 3GP format to see if the file is what they want.

MP3 MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer recorded in a compressed audio format and this format is given to the voices.

MP4 despite the similarity in each name, is not a continuation of MP3s. MP3 and MP4 formats are quite different from each other. MP3, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 stands for.

VideosThis video file type is notoriously difficult to play on smartphones, so computer users will get more use out of this one. Compared to Windows Media Player video files, the mp4 takes up significantly less space and is a favorite of users with video editing software, as mp4s are compatible with most programs.


Tubidy Mobile Music

tubidyc 4 years ago in New feature updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2

Tubidy Mobile Music, free video clip and opens the doors wide and use many of the facilities you about your interests, which allows a highly reliable site. You can benefit from this site free music and videos you can watch. Tubidy remaining featured or in the background, makes the transition with the new style with the striking currents. Baroque, extreme music, electronic music, swing, rap, popular, metal, fuak, rock, pop, hip-hop style are just a few of many other types of music such as this. Tubidy MP3 music download any music you want can be a member of the site you can reach with your system.Tubidy Mobile Video Music Search service, you your favorite music, video clips, movies, cartoons mobile video search engine which facilitates the search for many items such as.. no matter where it is anytime, anywhere, you can play free video way to connect to mobile networks. . New free and trending and most recent music video clips search through our service, you have the opportunity to watch the video make uyeliks. Our online service you can watch the newly released movie trailers, TV shows and series trailers, you can also find our service.3GP Known by the technical name 3GPP or 3GP file, then the third generation Partnership project, or 3GPP multimedia format is a file format based on developed by. For this reason, this environment is widely used 3GP file name was given. 3GPP (Third generation Partnership project) a collaboration between the telecommunications company and the Unions around the world is a result of different. Also when watching media files on 3G enabled smart phones 3GP people has been the solution to the problems that you encounter.


Camera Information

Hypo Dyne 3 years ago in New feature updated 3 years ago 1

In the helix Viewport overlay by default you have both the camera information and the coordinate system in the lower left corner.

I think you should move the camera information to the top left corner, and move the title to the top center, so that none of the overlays, overlap each other.


I put some useful Helix3D functions in a handy DLL

PUPPICAD 3 years ago in New feature 0

These functions extend Helix 3D functionality in the areas of Point3D processing, loft generation and saving to STL. They were developed over three years of working on the PUPPI Toolkit and PUPPICAD. Since Helix was a great help to us, we would like to give back by releasing this free library which we plan to update as more functions are developed.

Get the H3DExtensions library and sample project free here:

Media3D WPF

Character animation

Ondra Zamec 3 years ago in New feature 0


part of my thesis is to implement character animation. So I'd like to contribute here and implement it. Problem is, Helix is rather big for a newcommer so I can't navigate in it much. Mainly I would need help with effects for vertex blending. If someone could explain how effects works in Helix, I'd be grateful.

Consequently with that, there should be another class for 3D character which uses that fx file. From what class should it inherit, how should it be designed?

I would greatly appreciate cooperiation from someone who could give me initial directions where to start, what to study. Regarding my knowledge, I have done most things from Frank Luna in Introduction to DirectX11.

Under review

Replace ViewCube

Khalid A. 5 years ago in New feature updated 5 years ago 2

At the moment it seems that the ViewCube is a fixed Element of the HelixViewPort, that gets built up in the Code with the "AddCubeFaces" methods, etc.

It would be really nice to be able to replace the whole ViewCube with any model the user wants. That would allow us to have some kind of "MiniMap".


How to tell TextVisual3D dimensions

Michael Powell 6 years ago in New feature updated 3 years ago 8
I want to determine the size, length or width, of a block of TextVisual3D, especially for purposes of measuring and placing it in a scene. Is this possible? I don't see it in the TextVisual3D itself. Would it be possible to coordinate that issue embedding a text in a RectangleVisual3D in the appropriate dimensions, UpDirection, TextDirection, etc? However, along these lines, I'm not sure I see any options for HorizontalAlignment or VerticalAlignment, i.e. 'Stretch'.
WPF Media3D

Tubidy Mobile Music Seech Engine System

tubidy30 3 years ago in New feature updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2

You can review our news to download and install Tubidy. Smart phones increase everyone how to convert tubidy mp3 conversion application to see if you have any questions. We're for you for the last time, one of the most preferred application Tubidy's. Tubidy is what good information.. Tubidy is fairly simple to download and install. One of the most popular applications with Mp3 can convert easily Tubidy and can be downloaded. Portable device lyrics download program you can download music for free with mobile Tubidy. You can create your own music by downloading the MP3 list. Tubidy mp3 download site, you can install it to your phone with download and mp3 songs. Tubidy with phone and tablet you can download any of your music. The video from youtube or at any music in mp3 format you can download to your phone. Many users listen to music and likes music, enters to the Internet to download mp3 s. Related to this topic on the internet are just a few of the many website but this one unfortunately. In addition to the presence of a trusted music site difficult to many of us to listen to music or Internet access to download not only bilgisayarımızdan while at the same time we started to take advantage of from our cell phones. This is also a situation that I consider both will introduce you to the site today. You can download free music, free mp3 is a site where you can download tubidy, worldwide internet phenomena include already. In our country, have a rapidly rising search volume is becoming a site recently that everyone uses tubidy solid steps forward

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