Move all adorners during a Manipulator

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gmgunderground wrote at 2014-05-16 12:02:

Ho can I move all Manipulators adorner (by code C#) when for example I move X TranslatorManipulator? The code is working correctly because I can rotate and translate object, but adorners are fixed in the starting position.

My translator is
            translateManipulatorX.TargetTransform = mv.Content.Transform;
            translateManipulatorX.Length = Math.Max(mv.Content.Bounds.SizeX, Math.Max(mv.Content.Bounds.SizeY, mv.Content.Bounds.SizeZ)) * 1.2;
            translateManipulatorX.Offset = new Vector3D(mv.Content.Bounds.X + mv.Content.Bounds.SizeX, mv.Content.Bounds.Y + mv.Content.Bounds.SizeY / 2, mv.Content.Bounds.Z + mv.Content.Bounds.SizeZ / 2);
            translateManipulatorX.Visibility = System.Windows.Visibility.Visible;
If I remove offset all is working, but adorners are not correctly centered

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