Rectangles are not drawn of specified Colors !!!!

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terry_513 wrote at 2014-01-29 11:16:

I need to draw N vertical parts. So, I draw rectangles specifying its parameters & different colors for each part.
        private void DrawSections()
            double x = 0, y = 0;
            int i=0;
            SolidColorBrush[] brushes = new SolidColorBrush[]{Brushes.Red, Brushes.Purple, Brushes.Gold, Brushes.Green, Brushes.YellowGreen, Brushes.Turquoise, Brushes.Wheat, Brushes.Pink, Brushes.PaleVioletRed, Brushes.Olive};

            foreach (Section sec in areasList_Scaled)
                RectangleVisual3D rect = new RectangleVisual3D();
                rect.Origin = new Point3D(x, y, 0);
                rect.Length = 120;
                rect.Width = sec.Length;   // myRect.Width;
                //rect.Fill = Brushes.Lavender;   // new SolidColorBrush(Colors.LightCoral);
                rect.Material = new DiffuseMaterial(brushes[i]);

                Console.Write("RECT LEN = " + sec.Length);

                y += sec.Length;
With this code, I get rectangles, but not of the specified colors - instead of black & white colors. The Length of each sections is like
RECT LEN = 12.2586666666667RECT LEN = 0.202133333333333RECT LEN = 11.5825333333333RECT LEN = 0.157333333333333RECT LEN = 19.9297333333333RECT LEN = 0.15733333333333RECT LEN = 17.8796666666667RECT LEN = 0.157399999999992

I know I have set rect.Width = sec.Length which sould be set for rect.Length. But with that setting, I was getting rectangle vertically long the length is smaller than width. I couldn't get why was getting that results also.

Any idea, why the rectangles are not shown of specified colors and of black & white colors !!!!
This is mainly to get the background effect. Each section tells something different.

Any help is highly appreciated.


objo wrote at 2014-01-29 19:49:

Did you add lights to your scene?

terry_513 wrote at 2014-01-30 06:55:

Oh yes, I hadn't added lights. Had no idea that, without lights 3D colors are not visible !!!!.

Added lights and now it shows properly.

I need to add background to rectangles of image. Can you suggest any link or article that can help me or you provide an example for the same.

Thanks a lot.