How to Draw a Post Cap

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AQSRanck wrote at 2014-06-28 04:12:

I have adopted the methodology as characterized in SiloVisual3D. In a previous post (How to draw a funnel) objo pointed me to SiloVisual3D, and solved my problem. Actually, I found what I really needed close by, in the ChimneyVisual3D which is contained in the same project.

I can draw all sorts of assemblies that derive from Box, Pipe, Cylinder, Cone etc. But now I have a new challenge. How would I approach drawing a more complex structure, In a similar fashion to SiloVisual3D, suppose I have a PostCapVisual3D. Could you suggest what elements to use to draw the Post Cap pictured below. I don't care about the textured finish, I'm more interested in your suggestion of which tools to use to draw the shape.


link to picture of Post Cap

objo wrote at 2014-07-02 13:19:

I think you need a triangulation method that supports holes here! I would try https://triangle.codeplex.com/

AQSRanck wrote at 2014-07-02 15:21:

Thanks objo ,

I will keep that in mind when I need holes. In fact I these holes are to be filled with Nails, so I tried the example you used in Legos (with short pipes) to represent the nail heads and while the results were OK the code for the illustration and its placement became way too complicated. I decided to abandon it for more important issues. There are actually hundreds of different connectors like the one that I linked to in the first post and they are available in 2D form. The real solution for the larger issue here is to someday find a way to edit and convert from .DXF or .DWG files to simple Helix illustrations.

Thank you again,