Disable Touch Pan and Rotate

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rys322 wrote at 2012-04-25 17:29:

Does anyone know of a way to disable the pan and rotate manipulations when using multi-touch? I am using helixview on a project that works great with a mouse, but when I use it on a touch interface the pan and rotate operations interfere with me interacting with objects in the helixview. I do however like the pinch to zoom and would like to keep that want to keep that, but need a way to turn off pan and rotate. If needed I would be happy to make changes to the source, but figured maybe there is a more graceful way to solve the problem. Thanks!

objo wrote at 2012-04-25 22:30:

I added TouchMode and IsTouchZoomEnabled properties on the HelixViewport3D/CameraController classes. Set TouchMode = None, and it should hopefully not pan/rotate. Sorry, it has not been tested - I have no touch screen...

rys322 wrote at 2012-04-25 23:51:

Thanks for making those changes. Unfortunately, it still has some issues. When touchmode is set to none it still doesn't allow touches to transferred to the objects in the helixview. If you touch anywhere it takes you into camera change mode ( the circle in the center appears) but moving your finger does nothing.