Problems with moving camera at the top of the screen.

Anonymous 9 years ago 0
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Rahvil wrote at 2011-08-29 15:12:

There is about 50 pixels high area at the top of HelixView3D where I can't move object displayed on the screen. The size of the HelixView3D doesn't change the "dead area" size. Same "dead area" is in every HelixView3D in my project and it seems that there is same "dead area" in demos too. Any one else having this same phenomenon and is there any solution for this?

objo wrote at 2011-08-29 22:49:

thanks for the bug report, it is strange we haven't noticed this before!

The 'title area' was stealing the mouse events. I changed TitleBackground to null, and now it should work. See the latest change set.

Rahvil wrote at 2011-08-30 09:49:

Thanks alot!