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Off screen picture

Isdas 10 years ago updated by Isdas 10 years ago 3

Is it possible / anyone knows how to render some graphics and taking a picture of it without having the picture on the screen? I.e. taking 100 pictures and saving them as a .bmp, .jpg etc.. This ain't a problem when I got the graphics visible.

I am currently using the SharpDX-fork, but I think the same problem applies to the WPF-fork (main) as well.

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I'm interested as well. Right now I do this by inserting a UI element over the region I want to capture and preventing the region from being resized, but it would be nicer to take this off-screen.
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It would be great to have a demo doing this! Both for WPF and SharpDX...

For WPF, I have the following links
Øystein: I'll look into it and try to make a demo of it as soon as possible :)