HelixViewport3D on docking pane, model zooms out

Anonymous 9 years ago 0
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michaeldjackson wrote at 2013-03-14 16:38:

In my app, I add various Helix 3d objects (RectangleVisual3D, PipeVisual3D, etc) to the HelixViewPort3D via viewPort3D.Children.Add(new RectangleVisual3D), etc.

The HelixViewPort3D is hosted in an content Pane of a TabGroup of a docking control. When I click on other tabs, then click back on the tab that contains the viewport, the "model" zooms out (smaller), and continues to do so each time I click another tab then click back.

Any idea as to what this issue could be?

objo wrote at 2013-04-15 12:50:

Is ZoomExtentsWhenLoaded set to true in the HelixViewport3D? The control is probably unloaded when changing tabs...