Binding HelixViewPort : What to bind for these Models?

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terry_513 wrote at 2014-02-06 15:31:

In my WPF application, I am using Helix 3dToolkit. In my XAML I have added HelixViewPort3D (myViewPort). Based on certain selections, I add elements dynamically, using myViewPort.Children.Add(visual3DObj). I mainly add components like Rectangle, Pipe, Cone.

I wish to edit (add/remove/update) elements based on selections changed. For that I believe I got to bind HelixViewPort in XAML with something in Code Behind. I can't get what property of HelixViewPort I got to bind in XAML, and to add all Children elements due to which the changes in models can be affected in view.

I looked out in examples of Helix, and also tried it but couldn't succeed, hence am asking here.

Kindly help me. Thanks.

If you can figure that out, do let us know. If I understand the intent of your post, I'd like to do something similar.

At first glance, I'm not sure a XAML view (and/or view model) wouldn't be necessary.

Possibly subscribe to an observable collection for those updates and make the additions, removals, changes, "manually".

Best regards. Thank you...