Kerkythea Exporter: Texture Support

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AaronLenoir wrote at 2010-02-08 09:43:


I'm currently using the Kerkythea exporter to create Kerkythea scenes from WPF viewports. I've already implemented some changes to correctly support our transformations and it's looking really good.

Our main problem now is Texture support, I'm looking into it, but currently I've had no luck in applying textures (using Kerkythea) to models in a scene exported from WPF. The texture is scrambled beyond recognition. I was wondering if you have already done some work on the textures that might help me forward.

Thanks already!


PS: If you want, I will send you our current changes

objo wrote at 2010-02-21 18:02:

Fantastic! I would really like to include your improvements into the Kerkythea exporter. I added you as a developer, feel free to submit the changes (or e-mail me). Sorry I have not had time to look into texture support - but I think that's the next thing that should be supported. I am sure we can get some help from the Kerkythea forums/Ioannis. I am busy with other things right now, but will continue on this later. Cheers!

objo wrote at 2010-05-16 13:04:

hi Aaron, I am looking into the Kerkythea export again - you could send me the improvements you did on the transformations?