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Anyone any luck with WPF Attached Properties

Michael Powell 9 years ago updated by Øystein Bjørke 9 years ago 1

I am interested to inject a ViewModel into the mix via the parent UserControl DataContext, which subsequently should relay that value to an Attached Dependency Property.

I'd like for interested views and models contained by the UserControl, or children therein, to be able to access the same attached property value.

I am studying some issues and 'tutorials' online, but thus far haven't had much luck retrieving the attached property value. I can listen for DataContext, no problem however.

Has anyone ever dealt with Attached Dependency Properties, or perhaps knows a good tutorial that explains it?

It's also possible that I need for 'children' of the problem to register with the property, but none of the examples stipulate that, or have conveniently left that part out (i.e. it's been alluded to in places).

Any insight is welcome.

Thank you...
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This is a general XAML/WPF question, it may be better to try other forums!