How to apply a Matrix3D transform for MatrixCamera to the camera?

Anonymous 9 years ago updated by ไอยดา สุรีวงค์ 3 years ago 1
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boyweb wrote at 2011-01-08 12:44:

We're using the Helix Toolkit to develop a application, and we've just met a problem, hope it can be solved.

We have used the ARToolkit to get the transform matrix of a model, and it gives us the Matrix3D which is for MatrixCamera. However, your camera is ProjectionCamera, we can't set the Matrix3D to it.

Do you have some way to solve it?

Sorry for my poor English.


objo wrote at 2011-01-10 07:59:

yes, the Helix Toolkit CameraController requires a ProjectionCamera for the transformations of the camera position. It would be interesting to include support for MatrixCameras too, but I have no solution to this right now. I guess it requires some math to find the right transformations for camera pan, rotate and zoom. I'll add it to the issue tracker!