Customizing the transform and manipulate UI elements

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TsitsiIsabel wrote at 2011-11-15 23:51:


Thanks for this awesome 3d tookit.

I'm playing around with it, and I've been trying to create a quick prototype for touch manipulation. Is there any way to customize the look-and-feel of the manipulation UI elements that come with each of the manipulators... e.g. <h:CombinedManipulator TargetTransform="{Binding Transform, ElementName =cube1}"/>.

2. Is there a way to create or apply some custom styling to these transform / manipulation arrows etc....

3. And is there a way to make the manipulators come up "on selecting" each solid. E.g. a single click does object selection and then you get the transform controls to show up after selection...



objo wrote at 2011-11-16 18:56:

1&2: Only a few properties on these manipulators can be styled (like length, diameter, position etc.) The CombinedManipulator can only enable/disable the different manipulator modes. Look at the implementation, it should not be difficult to start from UIElement3D and create a custom manipulator.

3: you could add the manipulator to your visual tree after selection, or detach/attach the geometry when you want it to be visible. You could also share the same manipulator with many different objects!

Good luck with the touch prototyping! It would be interesting to hear if you find some good gestures for manipulation!