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everytimer wrote at 2013-11-09 11:20:

Hello, I'm thinking of implementing 3D capabilities to my software. My aim is to include some modelling and simple animations. I've downloaded the examples and they are working really slow (slow rotations, zoom, etc; even with simple geometries) and my computer has VERY high specs. I don't understand why this is happening, is because of WPF or is a flaw of Helix?
P.D.: I wanted to use this library because I've used OxyPlot in the same application and it works marvelously.

a5r wrote at 2013-11-09 11:50:

What about your videocard?

everytimer wrote at 2013-11-09 11:56:

Latest drivers, outstanding performance in all games: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 OC WF2 2GB GDDR5

Other components:
i7-3820 (10MB Cache), 16GB DDR3 RAM, 250GB SDD SATA3

everytimer wrote at 2013-11-10 12:49:

Here is a video showing the lag. Is this normal or something is wrong?


a5r wrote at 2013-11-10 13:38:

For the car contour example I don't experience lag. In the video you posted I don't see too much problems either with the car contour example. In the second example, the background worker example I can confirm having more or less of the same lag (with my pc having lower specs compared to yours). But in the case of the background worker example my cpu usage is constantly 80 %. I guess this example does not exactly count for a simple geometry because it is constantly recreating countless ModelVisual3D objects. Is zooming and rotating also slow for the rest of the examples?

objo wrote at 2013-11-11 12:37:

I have not seen much lag in the contour example on my hardware (much lower specs than yours).
Are you rotating with touch or mouse gestures?
  1. Do you see this lag in other WPF3D applications? Try https://3dmoleculeviewer.codeplex.com/
  2. Have you tried to run the example applications outside Visual Studio?

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