Need help to set CuttingPlane group to cut models

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terry_513 wrote at 2014-03-29 08:01:

In my Model I have N number of pipes attached one after other. Model is in CuttingPlaneGroup. All pipes are of same width, but of different length and drawn in an angle - i.e. all may not be in a straight line vertically. When I apply the cuttingPlane, I want all pipes to be cut from middle into halfs' vertically. MY cuttingPlane code is :
                <helix:CuttingPlaneGroup x:Name="cuttingGroup1">
                        <helix:Plane3D Normal="1,0,4" />                        
                    <ModelVisual3D x:Name="model"  >
With above code, 1st pipe cuts properly, but then other pipes are not cut properly from center and possibly last pipe may not be cut at all. The below image shows the output result of the code and what I am trying to explain :

Can anyone help me know, how can I make all pipes cut from center. In the above case, their are 4 pipes, do I need to add 4 CuttingPlanes in the group ? If so, then how do I specify the x, y and the angle in which it has to cut ?

I searched a lot for the above problem on net, but couldn't find any solution or way for the same. Can you please help or guide me know how can I achieve what I am looking for ? I believe it should be possible, just that don't know how !!!

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

objo wrote at 2014-04-29 10:39:

This may be a bug or limitation in the CuttingPlaneGroup element. Can you create a simple example that we can use to debug? This should probably be added to the issues list.