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icube wrote at 2011-06-21 15:16:


Looking at the TerrainDemo project, it uses a .btz file. How can i create such a file? Can't really find anything on google regarding this...

And also, could you do a MultiTouchDemo that uses multi touch input to navigate the HelixView3D.

Thanks for this awesome project.


objo wrote at 2011-06-22 10:18:

.btz is just a gzip compressed .bt file (binary terrain file). It is only used inside Helix toolkit to reduce the size of the .bt files. You can use GZipStream to compress a .bt file, and the TerrainModel class should be able to read it. You find the TerrainModel class in Visual3Ds/Composite/TerrainVisual3D.cs

Note that this class does not implement a level of detail algorithm, so it is only useful for small models. (You can find LOD implementations on http://www.vterrain.org/)

For documentation on .bt files, see http://www.vterrain.org/Implementation/Formats/BT.html

A multi-touch demo would be very interesting, but I don't have any hardware to test it on myself!