Building an ActiveX control from Helix

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davepylatuk wrote at 2012-05-10 18:11:

Hello all,

This toolkit looks amazing, takes much of the grunt work out of building 3D wpf graphics. I am wondering how large a task it would be to build an ActiveX control using this toolkit? I have a requirement to build a control that can draw:

- 3D Cylinders and cones (with different textures)

- Rectangular 'pipes' (tubing)

- Text to annotate objects in the 3D space

- Lines and polylines

- Apply different colors and lighting to the scene

- Rotate, zoom, pan, print and export the 3D view

I am very new to Visual Studio... Thanks.

objo wrote at 2012-05-10 21:36:

see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4134833/how-to-use-winforms-wpf-as-activex-control

Sorry, I don't know more about using WPF in COM/ActiveX.