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AnotherBor wrote at 2014-01-08 11:56:

I noticed that when I use a touch panel to interact with the scene sometimes I have to double-tap before Helix understands I want to rotate the view. If I just drag, Helix pans the view.

If I set the rotate gesture to LMB and simply put my finger on the screen and drag, I can see the manipulation icon displaying but the camera does not react until I drag after double-tapping.

After I force Helix to notice my touch by double-tapping and play with the scene for a while, sometimes it flips back to whatever mode it was in before and again just touch-dragging does not do anything (or pans the view) but display the manipulation icon. After a double-tap (or a few), I can again simply just drag to rotate the view.

If I disable panning and remove pan gestures still first touch and drag just displays the manipulation icon but nothing else happens.

Is there any special setup I should employ to use touch for rotating the camera without initial double-tap?

objo wrote at 2014-01-08 12:18:

Are you using the latest version? I think I changed the touch gestures some time ago (before that I think double-tap was used to switch between rotate and pan mode)

AnotherBor wrote at 2014-01-08 12:31:

Now I use the latest version.
Indeed, single tap switches between pan and rotate.
But, in my app I don't need pan. If I remove pan gestures and disable panning, still to start rotating by touch I need to tap once.
That's very unintuitive.
Is there any way to switch to "drag rotates" mode by default?

objo wrote at 2014-01-09 11:43:

I had forgot to push some change October 26, 2013. See the latest version 2014.1.1.
With this change, a one finger gesture should rotate, a two finger gesture should pan and a pinch gesture should zoom. The double-tapping feature is removed.

AnotherBor wrote at 2014-01-10 02:33:

Yes!! Thank you, this is great!