Using transparent PNGs for textures

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Rogad wrote at 2014-02-09 23:37:


I am doing quite well with my modelling. Got a little stuck though. Does HELIX allow for the use of transparent PNGs as a texture ?

I'm trying to get my human model's eyelashes to show up but they don't. I know I am locating the image okay because when I try to load a jpg in there it appears where the eyelashes should be.

The original texture for the eyelashes used alpha channel, but I don't think we can do that with HELIX at this time.

So, I used created a PNG of them instead, but then nothing appears at all. Surely something should appear ?

This is how the material looks in the MTL file :
newmtl 6_Eyelash
d 1
Kd 1 1 1
map_Kd Maps/V5BreeLashes1.png
I also made sure that the eyelashes are loaded last, as I was reading that transparent objects need to come last. Not sure if that's appropriate for what I am doing though.

Any thoughts ?

Rogad wrote at 2014-02-10 18:00:

I am so silly. I had two folders as I had to convert the alpha maps to PNG. Of course I forgot to transfer the eyelashes PNG to the working folder. So it was not finding it.

Shoot me now. All working once I had the ordering correct - transparencies need to come last !