BoundingBoxVisual3D Performance Issues

Anonymous 9 years ago 0
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Nomad101 wrote at 2012-09-27 05:46:

So I just started using the Helix toolkit and honestly it is amazing and has made my life a lot easier. However I noticed a fairly significant performance slow down using the BoundingBoxVisual3D type. I did a test using the CubeVisual3D and the BoundingBoxVisual3D with ten of each dynamically moving as well as a dynamic camera look direction. The test yielded a massive change in performance between the two types. I was thinking of a way around this and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what I was thinking. 

Since the BoundingBox uses A set of lines to make a cube it has a good amount of overhead for each object. What if instead it used a custom Gradient Brush that went from a colored outline to a transparent center. I Think this could work out fairly well Let me know what you think.

The only drawback is you would need to individually paint each face, but could still easily be less overhead than the 12 lines per BoundingBox.