Camera Binding

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zaurska wrote at 2012-09-03 14:58:


Can we use binding so the camera follows a moving object?  (the moving object's position being dynamically variable)



zaurska wrote at 2012-09-05 14:56:

Answered myself.  More about my lack of binding knowledge than H3D function,  but for general interest for novices like me, this works:

Helix3D should be incorporated into next WPF release!

        <h:HelixViewport3D x:Name="view1" CameraRotationMode="Turntable" IsHeadLightEnabled="True">
                <PerspectiveCamera Position="0, -200, 0"  LookDirection="0, 200, 0" FieldOfView="45" UpDirection="0,0,1">
                            <TranslateTransform3D x:Name="cameraTranslateTransform3D"></TranslateTransform3D>
then some binding in code since my objects are runtime:
            Binding aBinding = new Binding("OffsetX");
            aBinding.Source = tryMe.outerCasePosition;
            BindingOperations.SetBinding(cameraTranslateTransform3D, TranslateTransform3D.OffsetXProperty, aBinding);

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