Newbie help please

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Lainy wrote at 2013-10-18 23:04:

I've struggled with this most of today, I'm sure its simple.

Just how do I get helix control on my WPF application? I usually use VB but need\want to learn WPF as I want to learn some 3D object manipulation.

I added a helixToolkit.wpf.dll as a reference and expected a control to be available to drop onto my WPF app. But no...?

I have :
Imports System.Text
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.IO.Ports 'for COM port manipulations
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports System.Windows.Forms.FolderBrowserDialog

Imports System.Windows
Imports System.Windows.Media
Imports System.Windows.Media.Media3D
Imports HelixToolkit.Wpf

At the top of my MainWindow.xaml.vb...

Would be really grateful any pointers?


DK_danik wrote at 2013-10-22 13:56:

Maybe you must do this one helixtoolkit documentation