How to tell TextVisual3D dimensions

Michael Powell 9 years ago updated by ไอยดา สุรีวงค์ 3 years ago 8
I want to determine the size, length or width, of a block of TextVisual3D, especially for purposes of measuring and placing it in a scene. Is this possible? I don't see it in the TextVisual3D itself. Would it be possible to coordinate that issue embedding a text in a RectangleVisual3D in the appropriate dimensions, UpDirection, TextDirection, etc? However, along these lines, I'm not sure I see any options for HorizontalAlignment or VerticalAlignment, i.e. 'Stretch'.
Interestingly, I can tell the 'Height', but what I really want is the 'Width'. I know from having dealt with text in other environments that this calculation can be somewhat of a chore. Possibly along the same lines with Helix Toolkit / WPF / Media3D in general?
I get it! Wow, how nice is that...

Hello Michael, did find a way to adjust the width of the TextVisual3D ?


It's been awhile since I've looked at this, can't recall if I solved it right off hand. Was that a question or you were offering some help?

It was a question ;-) I am starting with HelixToolkit.... I am try to display some text, but I want to define the display width. When I use TextVisual3D, the width is increasing with the text width, but I want the text to be truncated if it's longer than the TextVisual3D.

That I couldn't tell you off hand. Sounds like a stretch or something along these lines.

How is this an appropriate answer to respond with spam linkage?