Compatibility with Visual Studio 2022 + Windows 11

Robin 2 years ago 0


im currently working on a visualization software which is using the Helixtoolkit Viewport for an demanding appearance of 3D Models, with all the features of Helix it offers, like clicking on an object and rotating the viewport.

Since i like it very much and it allows me to work with .stl files. I'm a bit concerned about the future compatibility.
Mainly i'm working with the package Helixtoolkit SharpDX.WPF.Core (or how it is called precisely)

Does anybody have experience concerning the compatibility of the Helix Packages with:

- .NET6 (currently i'm still developing with the .NET5 (Core) Framework) ?
- Can i compile and build .NET projects with Visual Studio 2022 (using the newer Releases of Helix) or are there problems occuring ?

- Could there also occur problems if i switch over to Windows 11 as OS or will it basically just run like on Windows 10 ?

If any of you have some experience concerning my questions i would be glad if you can share it with me.