How to control the trackball via code?

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zoras1986 wrote at 2013-04-21 23:25:

Hello everyone,
i'm starting my project from the contour demo samples of this awesome tool, but i cannot figure out how to control the trackball (don't know if is right call it like this, i mean the cude with the face "L, B, U, R, S..") by code in a wpf application (so c#). i can't figure out if it's something about the camera (view1.SetView(...)). or the model (model1.transform(...))
can someone help me?
a little piece of code
   <ht:HelixViewport3D x:Name="view1" Camera="{ht:PerspectiveCamera 5.3,-12.3,3.3,-6.3,11,-6.6}" CameraChanged="view1_cameraChanged" ShowCameraInfo="True"  Margin="0,71,0,0">
        <ht:FileModelVisual3D x:Name="model1" Source="D:/MARCO/Onthebrain/WPF - 3D - Kinect/Contour sample di Helix/Contour_demo/Contour_demo/bin/Debug/Astronaut.3ds"/>
inside a grid...
in the .cs file i want to simulate the "right mouse click + mouse movement" input, as in the example, but in code...