HelixViewport3D rendersize change

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iLovePasta wrote at 2013-01-20 10:34:


is there any possibility to change dimensions of rendered *.jpg file from HelixViewport3D. It seems to me, that it adjusts dimensions of exported image according to current ViewPort size. But I'm not able to change these via none of it' properties like Width, RenderWidth, even a ScaleTransform does not seem to make things happen.

Do You know how is possible to change export sizes? Typical use case - I want to export in, say, 800x600 & 1024#768 resolution etc.



edit: It looks like I'm spamming here:), but it's my second post & again...after trying to resolve the problem like for an hour or so, I wrote here & suddenly after few minutes, I figured out how to do this.


If somebody is interested in future - You have to access HelixViewport3D's property ViewPort, where You shold define rendersize property.

objo wrote at 2013-01-23 20:32:

Thanks for posting the solution to your problem.

I think the Viewport3DHelper.RenderBitmap method should be overloaded with a method where you can specify the width and height.

Did you also notice the "oversampling" multiplier feature in that method? It is good for software rendering!