Progress - keep it going please

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stfx wrote at 2010-02-02 18:50:

Hey I just registered here to tell you how awesome that toolkit is. I use a modified version of it and it works perfectly. Do you have any progress on the code so far like object transformation (position, rotation, size) or maybe fit screen to object and fit to show all objects?

Please dont give up on it I really appreciate it.

Oh yeah you should consider to rename it to Helix Engine - sounds so much cooler :D

PS: I can send you the modifications if you are interested.

objo wrote at 2010-02-21 18:13:

Thanks for your feedback!! Sure, this project just started - I hope to get more work done on it soon. I have added you as a developer, you are welcome to submit improvements! There is a simple manipulator class for object transformation (translation only) in the toolkit now, but I am sure this needs more work. Do you have solutions to this? And the "fit screen to object" feature? That's a feature I would really like to have included!

Engine or toolkit - I like "toolkit" since this is mostly a collection of tools and helper classes - not replacing or encapsulating the wpf 3d engine.