Loading Objects and Meshbuilder Questions

Bob 5 years ago 0

First off, I do not want to waste anyone's time here.  I have searched extensively for answers to my questions but honestly, I haven't found a centralized source where one can go to learn about the Helix Tool Kit.  Any suggestions for the definitive source would be very helpful.

Loading an OBJ model

I am writing an application that is basically an IMU head tracker.  I have used Helix to create three viewports; one each for front, top, and side views.  I am using the teapot for the object.  I have it working where the teapot in each viewport rotates according to the data from the IMU.  I have an OBJ file of a human head and for the life of me, I can't seem to get that file to load.  I don't see the need to load it programmatically.

From an example I found, I added:

<Helix:FileModelVisual3D x:Name="Head3D" Source="c:\malehead.obj"/>

in place of:


Is that all that is necessary?  FYI: If I have to do it programmatically, I am using VB, not C# in Visual Studio.


I also want to create a POV viewport.  I will have a wireframe sphere with the origin at 0,0,0.  The perspective camera will also be at 0,0,0 so the camera will be showing the wireframe from inside the sphere.  The camera will rotate in three axis based on the incoming IMU data.  Placing text on the wireframe showing the angular distance from 0,0 would be icing on the cake.

I just have not been able to find any example, tutorial, or documentation on how Meshbuilder is used.

Your help is greatly appreciated.