Using FbxSharp for FBX imports?

enjlectric 6 years ago updated by Christophe PINNA 4 years ago 1


for a project of mine it would be convenient if I could find a way t o import FBX files into the Wpf.SharpDX version of the toolkit.


I have found this FBX Parser for C# and am currently trying to read my way into that, but as I am doing so I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the same, or if this can even possibly yield any good results. I've only started using Helix earlier this week so I'm not exactly an expert, so there may aswell be a logical impossibility when trying to convert a model from the FBX scene class to the Object3D class. If that's the case, I would like to know where these problems lie, out of curiousity.

Thank you for reading.

Hello Enjlectric 

You are not alone !!! but we seem to be rare :)

I write this comment 1 year after you ... I hope you will have this message 

Have you find an other way ? 

Have you raise the goal to use FBXsharp ? 

I discovered FBXsharp today and I am already searching for informations or documents about it because I can't find what I need inside the imported FBX 

I can tell you that the import seems to work only with text FBX and not binaries ... so if you still have the problem to import , let's go to convert it with the tool FBX CONVERTER that you can download on AUTODESK website 

After that ... I am in the trouble ... I pass the step of import , ok , but I can't find the vertices in the MESH class ! I'm still looking for it