Draw a pipe with layers ???

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terry_513 wrote at 2014-01-16 10:43:

Hello friends,
I have to draw a area, that has 5 vertical areas (lets say layers of different color) each of difference length long. I want the total area (sort of surface) to be X wide and Y long. That will be as a background of the area. On that I got to draw an inclined pipe at certain point and angle. 

I am new in 3D world. I want to achieve this using Helix. I refereed tutorial http://kindohm.com/technical/WPF3DTutorial.htm and ExampleBrowser.exe execution. I couldn't get how to get started on my needs. 

Can anyone please help me know how to get started and achieve my goal. Any link for tutorial may also be helpful - as I am beginner in 3D & Helix. Awaiting for your guidance.

Thanks a lot.

objo wrote at 2014-01-26 20:39:

To learn WPF 3D I recommend:

To learn HelixToolkit, I recommend getting the source code (clone or download) and play with the examples in the debugger!