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baucez wrote at 2011-09-18 11:08:


I am developing an app in which I have to load many 3d object (some of them are big).
Initially I tryed to include them as xaml in the resources but I reach the maximum dimension and visual studio cannot compile them, so I extract them in external xamls that I load dynamically when I need them but loading/parsing xaml files is slow.

I had the idea to compile them in BAML and see if they are faster but i read that baml files are not supported by microsoft

So now I ask to you..

Which is the best way to do it? Which is the fastest way (file format) to read an external 3d object?



objo wrote at 2011-09-18 13:52:

hi Roberto! I have not tested the performance on model loading of large files - but I guess the .3ds and .lwo importers (both binary files formats) in Helix toolkit are faster than xaml, baml, stl and .obj importers. Can you try to convert to .3ds or .lwo and compare? It would be interesting to know the result!

baucez wrote at 2011-09-18 16:48:

Actually i never use tools for 3d drawing so I don't know how to convert from autocad 2010/DXF/XAML to 3DS/LWO
I will try to convert files to those fomat and if I'll have success I'll give you feedback about performances.

Of course suggestion on how to convert my models to 3ds or lwo are welcome!! :)

baucez wrote at 2011-12-04 09:58:

It seems to be much more faster with 3ds, however I cannot have the same quality as the xaml version because of the conversoin tools.

objo wrote at 2011-12-04 10:40:

for conversion, try http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/ (open source) or http://www.okino.com/conv/filefrmt_3dexport.htm (commercial)