How to Choose Headphones: 8 Steps

Dave Cox 7 years ago 0

If you are into listening to music, you will be amazed with the difference when you replace your old headphones with a newer model. In the following article we are going to try to help you choose the best headphones for you.

The number of headphones on the market today is growing day-by-day. And by this we don’t only mean the number of them, but the type of headphones, brands, models and so on. While some of them are excellent for listening to music at the comfort of your home, others are ideal for people who are always on the go.

The headphone manufacturers try to add more and more feature just to stay on top of the market. Therefore today we can choose noise cancellation headphones, wireless ones, those which can be controlled remotely and so on.

The sound on most of the headphones is excellent, they are comfortable and you can have them on for quite long. So, let’s see what are the key factors of buying the best headphones.

What How to know you are looking at a good set of headphones?

There are various models of headphones, different in shape, size and even materials, not to mention their price. Although in most cases the price is closely connected with quality, this is not always the case with headphones. Actually, we shouldn’t concentrate on the price only, but take closer look at the quality of sound and comfort.

  • Sound quality: When you buy the best headphones you will notice that the sound is balanced in all frequencies. Maybe the in-ear headphones have problems with basses, but over-ear headphones will perform better in this case.If we compare open-back headphones with closed ones we can say that the first type sounds more natural. However, they normally leak unwanted noise. Closed headphones don’t let unwanted noise in, but sound a little soft.
  • Comfort: This is the most important thing you should consider when buying a good pair of headphones. Although some are more comfortable than others, we can say that generally on-ear and over-ear models are considered to be the most comfortable of all. So, if you plan to use them for e longer period of time at once, it is a good place to start when you are choosing which ones to buy.

What type of headphones is best for you?

When we talk about headphones we can divide them in four main groups:

  • earbuds
  • in-ear
  • on-ear
  • over-ear

There are many actors which will tell you to choose this type over that one, so let’s take a closer look at them.


These are smaller in size and most often cheaper than the other models, so they often come together with smartphones and MP3 players.You place them inside your ear, and they don’t close the ear completely so you can definitely expect to feel some noise leakage or they may fit too loose. Although practical, the sound quality is the worst when compared to the other types of headphones.

In-ear headphones

This type of headphones is most frequently used. They are not heavy, and are more affordable than on-ear and over-ear headphones. You can place them in the ear tightly and the noise leakage is minimal. Although the sound quality is better than in earbuds, it is not so good as in over-ear and on-ear ones.

On-ear headphones

When we compare this model to the over-ear headphones, they are smaller and lighter. They are generally comfortable because of the foam pads or the letter ones. There are some types of on-ear headphones that you can fold which makes them portable in a minute.

Over-ear headphones

These headphones are larger ones and they cover the while ear. Their cushioned pads make them the most comfortable of all previously mentioned models. You can easily wear them for a longer period of time and the sound quality is great. They are not portable, so it is recommended to use them at home.

How much should you spend?

When it comes to money, you can buy headphones for like $10. However, don’t expect to be amazed with the quality. The price of the headphones dictates the quality of materials used to make them, but generally they tend to last more and have better sound quality. Of course, there is no need to go after the most expensive ones, so let’s say that you can easily buy according to this site bestheadphonesunder100.net the best headphones under 100.

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