helix tookit to build data transfer app?

Quiruio 7 years ago updated by ParkPrince 6 years ago 5

i just have a ideal to build a data transfer app. Does helix toolkit offer such an library?

Woo, this is a big project which required a team to do it, I used a tool named Mobiledic phone transfer application to transfer my messages from Android to iphone, i think it's a nice program, you can crack or de-code it for learning.

Mobiledic phone transfer program is a great desktop software that you can de-code it.


I know a special designed android data transfer app, it could transfer messages ,contacts and other files between android phone and iPhone with ease,  just need enable use debugging on your phone.


So I wonder if you have developed the app yet. It should take some time but I think 9 months is long enough. I myself have been using other apps to transfer data. And depending on your needs, you are able to choose to transfer from iPhone to Mac or Windows PC, or you can choose a phone to phone data transfer app that enables you to transfer data from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

transfer data from Android to iPhone