Cutting of LinesVisual3D doesn't word

Tadeusz Wilczek 7 years ago 0

LinesVisual3D doesn't properly cat by cutting plane. In my example code:

<ht:CuttingPlaneGroup x:Name="CuttingGroup" IsEnabled="True">


<ht:Plane3D Normal="0,0,1" Position="0,0,0"/>


<ht:CubeVisual3D Center="4,4,2" SideLength="8"/>

<ht:LinesVisual3D Points="0,0,-10,0,0,22" Thickness="3" ></ht:LinesVisual3D>


When cuttingPlaneGroup is disabled it looks good:

Image 39

When cuttingPlaneGroup is enabled, line is one-side-visible and has wrong size and direction:

Image 38