Magnetometer Calibration Tool using WPF & Helix Toolkit

Frank 8 years ago 0

I have created a Magnetometer Calibration tool for one of my robotics projects that uses a solid-state 3-axis magnetometer. The app was created in Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition using WPF and the Helix Toolkit. Specifically I have two HelixViewport3D viewports, and I use the PointsVisual3D and TubeVisual3D toolkit objects to display 'raw' and calibrated magnetometer data.

Image 28

This was my first exposure to WPF and the Helix Toolkit, and I learned *a lot* about both! I described my mental travels through the WPF & Toolkit jungles on my 'Paynters Palace' site at http://www.fpaynter.com. My wrap-up post on this subject is at http://fpaynter.com/2016/07/magnetometer-calibration-tool-part-iv/

As noted in the post, the sources and a ZIP file containing everything (except for Octave) needed to run the app can be found at my GitHub site at https://github.com/paynterf/MagCalTool.

This is my way of giving back to Oystein Bjorke and the other folks who created the wonderful Helix Toolkit - thanks!!


PS: Oystein - I apologize in advance for any/all mistakes, misstatements and/or outright falsehoods perpetrated by me in this app and my posts. As a WPF/Toolkit newbie I did my best, but I'm sure I did lots of stuff wrong! ;-).