Small sandbox example for HelixToolKit.SharpDX

Daniel Zibion 8 years ago updated by nick 3 years ago 1

Hello everyone,

First of all big thanks to the creators and contributors of the Helix Toolkit and of course thanks for sharing this with all of us.

So about my question...

the native HellixToolkit has this nice sandbox example with a teapot being visualized.


I was wondering if somebody could share something similar for the HelixToolkit + SharpDX extension. ( create basic lighting and a basic object, say a box, in a code as small as possible, preferable only in XAML )

This would be extremely helpful when taking a closer look at one certain functionality or when sharing a certain problem on this forum.

I don't' have much of a programming background, depending quite on the example in the source code, which tend to be rather bulky.

But honestly I don't have a clue how i would compress this in one smaller example that can be easily shared in a forum.

Can somebody help me out with this?

Wohh just what I was looking for, regards for posting.