How to put shadows for modelvisual3d objects

Suran Mahawithana 7 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 3

I am doing a project using helix 3d toolkit in which a background image is overlayed with helix3d viewport that displays 3d models on top.So far everything works fine except 3d models appear unrealistic on the interior image since they dont cast any shadoes to the light. Does anybody know how to add shadows for each 3d model in viewport ?

Hello Suran,

I believe you need the sharpDX extension for casting shadows.

Check out the ShadowMapDemo in https://github.com/helix-toolkit/helix-toolkit/tree/master/Source/Examples/WPF.SharpDX to see how you could do it.

But there may be other methods, I'm quite new to the helixtoolkit and not a computer scientist

Good luck :)

Thank you Daniel. Ill give it a shot