ViewPoint control does not seem to work

ikonuk 1 year ago in Defect? updated 1 year ago 1

Dear Friends:

I have built successfully some of the examples(teapot, torus, tube). I have three questions related all of them.

1) I can use the zoom control by keyboard+mouse combination Cntrl+RightClick combination. However, when I use the Cntrl+LeftClick the VievPoint jumps to top view and cannot be changed afterwards in all examples. Perhaps this issue is related to questions below.

2) All examples refer to an assembly called "ExampleBrowser". I had to comment out as I cannot find this assembly as VS2017 cannot find it. Could you please let me know how to fix this problem.

3) In all examples I tried there is a line like:

[Example(null, "Shows Borromean rings using the TubeVisual3D.")]

Visual Studio (VS) 2017 gives error. I had to comment out this line too. Could somebody let me know the reason this line i snot accepted by VS.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I think I resolved the issue#1). Zoom is controlled by mouse wheel. In order to rotate the object, one has to move inside the circle while holding to Cntrl.

I wold very much like to have explanations for issues #2) and #3).

Thanks in advance.